• "To be a man of action for the word of God, so that whoever shall see shall believe."
    ~ Jeff Greenacre
  • "I love and am compelled to help people recover their heart, walk with God, interpret their life, offer their glory, and persevere with joy. I want to spur others on toward love and good deeds (Heb. 10:24), warning those who are idle, encouraging the timid, helping the weak. (I Thess. 5:14) I know that my impact is limited, so I want to come alongside others who are compelled to do the same."
    ~ Gary Barkalow
  • "Believe completely in the Lord's promises, calling upon Him always as the constant source of strength and vision, so that I may fearlessly deal with life's troubles and boldly serve God and my brothers in a manner that brings glory to Him. Mark 5:36 "Do not be afraid; only "believe." Micah 7:8 "When I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me."
    ~ Bill Ashby
  • "Delight therefore in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."
    ~ Bart Hansen
  • "To build a foundation of truth, to obtain wisdom and understanding of God's word, to use my spiritual gifts to help mankind understand good vs. evil."
    ~ Russ Lees
  • "I encourage others to see things differently."
    ~ J. Michael McDade
  • "Don't screw up."
    ~ Jan Broucinek
  • "My Mission is to reach people with The Gospel of Jesus Christ unto Salvation (Romans 10:9-13)."
    ~ RV Brown
  • "I will challenge myself everyday to ensure my Heart and my Actions line up, so that I can be pleasing to God all the days of my life."
    ~ William Kelly
  • "To boldly love God and live out our faith by doing the most with what we have regardless of the personal consequences."
    ~ Unknown
  • "To be a loving teacher and example of simple truths that help myself and others to awaken to the presence of God in their lives."
    ~ Ken Blanchard
  • "He Loves Me, Too As I rise I realize All that it took for me to be here The Lord chose Then I arose I can face the day without fear Even if I stumble Life does not have to crumble As long as I keep this in view God is my Dad The best I've never had Cause' He loves me, too" Psalm 27:10"
    ~ Brian Palmer
  • "To Serve my Lord Jesus Christ by Exalting the Savior, Evangelizing the sinner, Encouraging the saved Through the Power of God's Written Word and Pray and Praise as the Holy Spirit Directs."
    ~ Stephen Coney
  • "As a New Believer, to recognize, understand and apply biblical principals in my roles as a husband, father, business leader and friend."
    ~ Doug Price
  • "My personal mission is to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with God at all times. Use the talents God gave me to always spread his word."
    ~ Paul Weigel
  • "To help millions of people to better lives. More satisfying spiritual, more rewarding financially and more fulfilling emotionally."
    ~ Garry D. Kinder
  • "Honor my commitment to see God in all things and live a life of compassionate service, anchored in Unconditional Love, while helping others connect to the love that is eternal."
    ~ Doug Cornell
  • "To be an empty vessel through which God works to provide evidence that He is real, that he cares and loves unconditionally, and, that he is ready willing and able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than can even be imagined in every aspect of life for those who accept the free gift of His Grace."
    ~ Scott Frick
  • "To be the cornerstone for my family. To be the foundational stone that is set in place to determine the position and direction of future generations of my family to come. To be the spiritual leader of my home so that others may see a living example of "Priest, Prophet and King."
    ~ Curtis Lawrence
  • "To Glorify GOD through my actions, thoughts and deeds and in my walk with JESUS be a living example for my family and others of GOD's Mercy and Love."
    ~ Dick Walker
  • "Listen to the Lord's calling and act according to his will as I encounter all people he puts in my path daily in this mission field called life. Be a light that shines in Babylon."
    ~ Kyle Doezema
  • "The simplicity of the gospel ,the good news, is to simply keep our eyes on Jesus."
    ~ Oswald Chambers
  • "My Mission is to love, honor and obey God by continuously growing into the image of His Son as I serve Him faithfully and joyously in my family, His church and His world."
    ~ Billy G. Tullos
  • "To use my time, words, and talents in a way that glorifies God and points others in the direction of Christ."
    ~ Joe Diange
  • "I exist to know and love my Savior and companion Jesus and to serve alongside Him and use golf as a means to help people understand their God-given purpose within life."
    ~ Wally Armstrong
  • "Evangelize & Equip the next generation to reach the world for Christ."
    ~ Joe White
  • "To use my life to glorify God. To be salt and light at every opportunity. To be consistent by striving to please God in all I do."
    ~ John Napolitano

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